Will Unemployment Affect My Social Security Disability Benefits?

If you are or have been collecting unemployment and you think you qualify for SSDI benefits, then you may want to contact your local Social Security Attorney. Collecting unemployment may have an affect on your Social Security disability benefits. A few factors will be taken into consideration by The Social Security Administration (SSA) when reviewing your [...]


Your Social Security Disability Hearing – How to Prepare and What to Expect

A Social Security disability hearing is not quite as formal as a regular court appearance. However, the presiding Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) may still wear the traditional judicial robe and, depending on the location of the hearing, may sit on an elevated platform, known as “the bench.” Despite the fact that the proceedings tend to be less [...]


Two Liebenhaut Law Alumni Pass the Bar

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to see undergraduate and law students who have worked at Liebenhaut Law go on to graduate law school and start their own careers as attorneys. Two of our favorite, Melanie Kalmanson and Michael Dobson, learned today that they passed the Florida Bar Exam and will very shortly [...]


Avoid Social Security Disability Scams and Identity Theft!

Florida residents are the #1 targets for a serious organized crime; identity theft critically affects nearly 15 million people each year in the U.S. alone. Scammers and phishers are dishonest but they are not shy! They will call, email, or text you—often sounding very professional—and will construct creative ways to obtain your personal information. Between [...]


Can my kids get social security benefits if I am disabled?

The answer is often "Yes."  Your kids get social security benefits if your are disabled. Over the past 60 years, Social Security has provided critical benefits to the families of those whom have paid their debt to its tax-based trust fund. Besides retirement, Social Security has proven helpful to so many people that have been [...]


Should I appeal my Social Security award's onset date?

3 IMPORTANT QUESTIONS IF SOCIAL SECURITY AWARDED DISABILITY BENEFITS WITH A LATER ONSET DATE 1. Should I appeal my Social Security award's onset date? If the difference between your alleged onset date and your established onset date is minimal, it probably does not make sense to risk appealing the decision.  Your favorable decision can be [...]


Working on Social Security Disability: How much is Allowed?

Social Security Disability gives disabled workers a chance to attempt re-entrance into the work force while still receiving monthly benefits through the Social Security Disability Insurance, or SSDI, program. This opportunity is provided through a few different programs. The most commonly utilized of these programs is the Trial Work Period- available to beneficiaries, or winning [...]


How does the Social Security Administration Evaluate my Claim?

Social Security Administration Claim Evaluation Every year for the past nearly 60 years, millions of men and women have received extra support from the Social Security Administration.  This support has come during some of the most critical moments in each individual’s life.  The Tallahassee disability attorneys at Liebenhaut Law are more than prepared to help [...]


Social Security Attorneys Fees

As Tallahassee disability lawyers, we often receive calls inquiring how much it costs to retain our services.  It can be confusing to understand how the Social Security Attorneys Fees process works on a successful Social Security claim. (Please also check out our post “How to Select the Right Representative”) Upon hiring us as your disability [...]