Attorney's Fees and Disability Cases

Let an attorney help with your disability claim, there’s no out of pocket cost.

Unlike other areas of law, most Social Security Disability attorneys do not require you to pay a retainer fee for their services. In most cases, your attorney will only get paid for working on your case if you win. Then, when you do win, you won’t even have to pay the attorney fees yourself, Social Security will pay the attorney directly for their work. This makes it so the client never has to worry about payment issues.

In most disability cases, after winning the claim, the client will receive a large lump sum of money called “back pay” which is payment for time you were disabled and not receiving benefits. As payment for working on your case, the attorney will receive no more than 25% of your back pay capped at $6,000.

At the Law office of Matt Liebenhaut, fees paid to the attorney never comes out of a disability client’s pocket. We only get paid if you get paid. This expresses our dedication to obtaining a favorable decision for each of our disability clients. If you are unsure whether you need an attorney to help you with your disability claim, contact The Law Office of Matt Liebenhaut to discuss how an attorney could benefit your case.

By: Matt Liebenhaut