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Understanding the U-Visa Process

Studies have been conducted on the reporting of crimes by immigrants, especially those that are considered illegal, and the results are disappointing.  As Tallahassee immigration lawyers, we know that there are many residents of North Florida who are scared to report criminal activity out of fear of criminal or other adverse action.  Many crimes committed against immigrants go unreported due to fears of consequences for the victim, such as detainment and deportation. Regardless of status, everyone living in the United States deserves the reassurance that they can report a crime committed against them, they will be protected, and the criminal brought to justice.  Talking to a Tallahassee immigration lawyer can help you determine what options are there to protect you.

The U nonimmigrant status (U visa) is an option specifically for victims of mental or physical abuse who provide assistance to law enforcement in fighting domestic crime. We have experience in guiding clients through the process of attaining any visa, including the U visa.  This visa is particularly significant for immigration lawyers in Tallahassee because it both protects immigrants from the consequences of illegal immigration and leads to prosecution of criminal activity, which otherwise would likely be repeated.  If you, or someone you know, has been victim to a crime or know of the possibility of a crime occurring, but are hesitant to report it because of legal status, contact our Tallahassee immigration lawyers to receive information about your rights under the law. Our immigration lawyer and staff can assist in filing the necessary forms, preparing for the interview, and then, if approved, potentially applying for a Green Card in the future.

U Visa Eligibility

An immigration lawyer in Tallahassee or wherever you live can answer your questions.  However, here is some general information to consider.  should To be considered for a U visa, an individual must meet several requirements:

  • Must be a victim of a qualifying crime who has suffered physical or mental abuse as a result of the crime.
  • You must have proof or useful information about the crime and provide assistance in some way to law enforcement in prosecuting the crime.
  • The crime occurred in the United States or violated United States law.

Qualifying Crimes

Abduction                               Abusive Sexual Contact         Blackmail

Domestic Violence                 Extortion                                 False Imprisonment

Female Genital Mutilation     Felonious Assault                   Fraud in Foreign Labor Contracting

Hostage                                   Incest                                      Involuntary Servitude

Kidnapping                             Manslaughter                          Murder

Obstruction of Justice             Peonage                                  Perjury

Prostitution                             Rape                                        Sexual Assault

Sexual Exploitation                Slave Trade                             Stalking

Torture                                                Trafficking                              Witness Tampering

Unlawful Criminal Restraint