I received a Notice to Appear in immigration Court. What now? 2017-11-08T14:55:24+00:00

I received a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court. What now?

When someone is facing deportation or forced removal, they should have the guidance of an experienced attorney to protect their interests and explore courses of action to avoid deportation. Receiving a Notice to Appear and facing deportation is stressful and places burdens on many families. A Notice to Appear (NTA) is the document that represents the initiation of removal proceedings against you. Upon receiving an NTA, you must appear in Immigration Court. Your first course of action should be to contact an immigration attorney who can immediately begin working with you to prepare a defense against the removal proceedings.  Some of the options available to you, with the help of our attorneys, are obtaining political asylum, cancellation of removal, adjustement of status to permanent residency, or attaining a waver or pardon.

At Liebenhaut law, our staff works with clients to achieve their immigration goals, whether personal or business related. We understand the deportation process and are committed to aggressively defending your rights as an immigrant by helping you navigate the necessary petitions, forms, and documents to appeal your case while providing exceptional deportation defense in Court.