Tallahassee Disability Attorney – Alzheimer’s Disease

There are an estimated 5.4 million people in the United States suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease financially, emotionally, and physically affects not only the person afflicted, but also those family and friends who are caring for them.  As a Tallahassee disability attorney and also on a personal level, I have become very familiar with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Among the millions of Americans who have suffered Alzheimer’s is former President Ronald Reagan. President Reagan is remembered as being a conservative icon and is ranked highly in the public opinion polls of U.S. Presidents, and also credited for generating an ideological renaissance on the American political right. President Reagan disclosed in 1994 that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease earlier that year. There is some speculation that he might have had early signs of Alzheimer’s while still in office.

Early onset Alzheimer’s disease is characterized as occurring before the age of 65. About 5% of all Alzheimer’s afflicted individuals have early onset Alzheimer’s disease. In 2010, the Social Security Administration included Early-Onset Alzheimer’s as one of the 165 diseases and conditions that is on the “Compassionate Allowances List,” a fast track application system that allows people with severe medical conditions to have their applications expedited. The application process usually takes months, but thanks to this compassionate allowances program, people with these severe medical conditions can have their application processed in a matter of days.  A Tallahassee disability attorney can assist you with submitting a compassionate allowance request.

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