How to collect Social Security while living abroad?
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I often answer questions about collecting social security retirement, even as a Panama City disability lawyer.  One question we sometimes see: If I am working outside of the United States, can I still qualify for benefits? To receive benefits outside of the United States, you must be an American citizen and meet Social Security’s requirements. The United States has come to an agreement with a few countries to help protect a beneficiaries’ benefits when working and living abroad. Social Security Administration (SSA) considers “being out of the country” to be out of American territories for 30 days. This agreement is to help those who work in the U.S. and in an approved country by SSA. This is for someone who has not worked long enough in one country to qualify for benefits. Working overseas may help you qualify for U.S. benefits if the country in which you work is covered under the foreign SSA system.

Earning Social Security Abroad

SSA will count work credits from another country to help someone qualify for benefits. Some of the countries that are in agreement with the United States are Australia, France, Japan, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. If you have already acquired enough work credits in the United States, then SSA will not count work credits from the other country. If SSA counts foreign work credits, you are only granted partial benefits that is related to the amount of work you have done in the United States SSA. When working outside of the United States, foreign credits are not actually transferred into the United States. The credits worked in another country stay on record in the other country, which can be beneficial to you. There is a possibility that you can receive benefits in both the U.S and the other country you have worked in.  If you’re looking for a Panama City disability lawyer to assist you with analyzing your social security retirement, widows, or disability benefits, call us for a consultation.

Collecting Social Security Benefits Abroad

If you are already a recipient of benefits, it is crucial that you let SSA know that you are traveling for an extended amount of time. Leaving the country for a long period of time can sometimes affect your current benefits. If you decide to live and work outside of the United States, you should be sent to a questionnaire sporadically. This questionnaire helps SSA determine your eligibility for the benefits that you may be currently receiving. Failure to send in completed questionnaire, often results in current payments stopping.  Although you may not need a Panama City disability lawyer, we can schedule a consultation with you to analyze any issues you may have regarding collecting social security benefits abroad.

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