What You Can Expect As a Client 2014-09-30T19:28:20+00:00

Kindness & Respect: As our client you can expect to be treated with the highest respect and guided through the systems and circumstances affecting you.  The Law Office of Matt Liebenhaut is client-focused.  We treat our clients how we would want our family members to be treated, with kindness, respect, and professionalism.

Integrity: The Law Office of Matt Liebenhaut is committed to practicing law with congruency.  This means being who we say we are and doing what we say we will do.  Our clients can expect to be apprised of the status of their case, our analysis and strategy anytime they call the office.  We are straightforward with our clients and believe in providing full transparency to clients through every case.

Professionalism: The Law Office of Matt Liebenhaut applies its full competence to every case, pursuing only the best results for its clients. As a client, you can expect access to intelligent case managers and client liaisons that are empathetic, down to earth and want to better understand your needs. We work conscientiously and do all we can to try to avoid the delay so often associated with the legal system.   You can also expect that we will respond to all client contact in a timely manner.  If you want to meet your attorney, you will always have that option.  You can expect your attorney to be involved in your case from start to finish.

Congruency: We are resolute in providing diligent service in line with our guiding principles. Our client’s interests are our highest priority. Nothing will sway our approach to how we support and represent each client. It is the authentic, trustworthy and caring nature of the Liebenhaut Law firm that has won the trust of hundreds of clients, the legal community and the greater Tallahassee community.

Quality Service & Representation: The Law Office of Matt Liebenhaut promises to deliver value and vast benefit to all of its clients. There will be no excuses. As our client, you can expect a realistic evaluation of your case and the time in which it will take to be resolved.  Our client’s interests are our highest priority.