Divorce Lawyer in Tallahassee – It’s time for a divorce. What should I do?

Divorce Lawyer in Tallahassee — It’s time for a divorce. What should I do?

It’s not easy to make the decision to divorce, but sometimes it’s the only option you have left. If your marriage is at an end, it’s time to prepare yourself for the Court. You should take assistance from an experienced Divorce lawyer in Tallahassee

Your first step should be contact with a divorce attorney. This initial talk should happen before you file for divorce and will involve a discussion of your options. Any small move on your part between now and the end of your divorce can affect the outcome, and a seasoned attorney such as Matt Liebenhaut can better prepare you for the intricacies of this journey.

Unless you are concerned with domestic violence, you may not want to move out of your marital home. Leaving this property can affect any alimony you are entitled to as well as the division of your assets.

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You should also take a critical look at your finances and determine what belongs solely to you, solely to your spouse, and what is marital property. Individual assets can be determined by prenuptial agreements and anything your marriage hasn’t affected. Even if it is not a joint bank account, if the money was earned during the marriage it is a marital asset and subject to equitable distribution during the divorce. Your marital house is another such joint asset. During your divorce, the Court will look at all of your marital assets (including properties) and divide them equitably (and not necessarily equally) between you and your spouse, so it is important that you start to sort them appropriately.

You should also start to gather your tax information and other important documentation relating to employment and finances. Most importantly, consider how you will prepare your children (if any) for the transition. You will be required to take a parenting class and it is a good idea to take the class as soon as possible to learn about how best to co-parent through this difficult time.

Divorce Lawyer in Tallahassee Matt Liebenhaut understands the difficulty of your situation, and will work to make your divorce as painless and efficient as possible. Mr. Liebenhaut can help you every step of the way, from preparation, to filing, through settlement, and/or judgment.