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How do I seek an increase in child support?

Tallahassee Child Support Lawyer discusses it in details 

Tallahassee Child support Lawyer

Interested in receiving more child support?  Ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Have you lost income involuntarily?
  2. Has the other parent had a substantial increase in income?
  3. Has your child’s insurance, medical, or daycare costs increased substantially?
  • Loss of income on behalf of the receiving spouseIf you are receiving child support and your level of income changes, you may entitled to more child support to meet the needs of your children.  Generally, this loss of income must be shown to be involuntary.
  • Increasing income on behalf of the paying spouseIf the paying parent begins to make more money, he/she may be required to pay a higher amount of child support.  In Florida, there are statutory guidelines that provide a formula as to the appropriate child support that should be awarded by the Court.  For the guidelines to provide the basis of a modification of child support, they must result in a net change of 15% or $50.00 more per month difference in child support received.
  • Increase in child’s expensesIf your child’s expenses increase for any reason (medical, dental, care-taking) then the paying ex-spouse may be required to pay a higher amount of child support. The expenses that are considered by the guidelines only include medical, care-taking, and health insurance.

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