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I am working at a public university. Am I eligible for a J Visa?

Exchange Visitor non-immigrant visas, also known as J-1 visas, are granted to individuals participating in work and study based exchange programs within the United States. About 300,000 participants a year from around the world visit the US with a J-1 visa, taking part in a wide variety of programs and opportunities sponsored by over 1,400 private and government agencies. Programs that fall under the J-1 visa category allow participants to teach their skills in the US, study, conduct research, and receive specialized training. J visas provide a way for foreigners to visit the United States to further the exchange of skills and ideas, not only bringing new potential into the US, but allowing visitors to take acquired knowledge back to their home country and ultimately contributing greatly to our increasingly interconnected world. With three large universities and state colleges in the area, Tallahassee disability lawyers should be well versed in the J Visa programs.

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Visitors participating in a US program requiring the J visa may have spouses and dependents accompany them with the use of a J-2 visa. However, only some categories fall within J-2 visa eligibility requirements. Our attorneys and staff can provide guidance on the various categories, the criteria for each, and the necessary steps to acquire a J visa. Some important questions to ask your Tallahassee disability attorney regard the eligibility to work with a J-2 visa, privileges and rights of a J visa holder, and the procedures of applying for extensions.

Those who wish to enter the United States for study also have the possibility of obtaining an F-1 visa or an M-1 visa. The F-1 visa is for full-time students in academic or degree programs at a school, college, or university. M-1 visas are reserved for students enrolled in non-academic or vocational study. The visas described are valuable tools of exchange programs that allow for greater cultural diversity and advancements in all academic fields based on the sharing of ideas among the world’s brightest students and professionals. Contact our office to consult with a Tallahassee disability lawyer if you have any questions about the process of obtaining either a J visa, or any other type of nonimmigrant/immigrant visa for yourself or someone you know. We are available to guide you through each step of the process, helping you avoid mistakes that may hinder the ability to acquire a visa.