My Ex Won’t Let Me See My Kids. What should I do?

My Ex won’t let me see my kids. How can I protect my rights?

In 1982, Florida enacted the Shared Parental Responsibility Act, which states that both parents retain shared custody of their children following separation or divorce. Under this act, parents share custodial responsibilities involving the care and control of their children. If you are denied rights to child custody or visitation rights, contact Divorce Attorney Liebenhaut Law today for your consultation.

With this act came several more changes to child custody practices. Written parenting plans now help preserve the rights and obligations of each parent and mandatory mediation between parents attempts to lessen tension and create a better environment for the children.

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But what do you do if your parental partner denies your rights as a caregiver?

You, as a father, have the right to an active role in your children’s lives. You are entitled to the same parental rights as your children’s mother unless deemed unfit by the court. If you feel that your rights as a parent are compromised, Matt Liebenhaut and the court can offer you a reprieve.

Your written parenting plan is crucial to your rights. If you and your children’s mother agreed on a parenting plan that was approved by the court, she cannot now deny you those rights. If you were unable to agree or are still in the process of forming your parental plan, the court has the power to establish one instead. Both situations include a timesharing schedule that specifies the amount of time your child spends with you.

Drafting this schedule and ensuring quality time with your children is not a game. You deserve a say in your children’s lives and should not have to battle their mother for that right. Matt Liebenhaut, Tallahassee divorce attorney, can help you preserve your role as a parent and create a better future for your children.