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  1. $1,175 per month: the average Social Security Disability benefit (SSDI) in 2015.
  2. $733 per month: Supplemental Security Income benefit (SSI) in 2015.
  3. $12,000: the average (approximate) amount of backpay recovered for our clients.
  4. Medicare: the health benefit available to recipients of SSDI.
  5. Medicaid: the health benefit available to recipients of SSI.

It is not easy to provide for a family on the monthly income listed above.  But this small benefit and the health benefits that come with SSDI (Medicare) and SSI (Medicaid) are often the difference between life and death for our clients.  People come to us after looking at the many options for social security disability lawyers in Tallahassee and hearing there is a firm that puts kindness, respect, and professionalism above all.  They come to us after they have been denied social security because they are looking for a law firm in Tallahassee that knows the law, understands the medicine, and can navigate the system required to win SSDI or SSI benefits.

There are choices when searching for Tallahassee Disability Lawyers.  When in Doubt… call Liebenhaut.