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If you think you have been wrongfully denied social security disability benefits, the correct answer is you should appeal as many times as necessary.


We can file an initial appeal (a/k/a reconsideration) and try to obtain the missing evidence that can get you approved.  Although we are sometimes successful at reconsideration, we are most successful at the second appeal when we can bring your case in front of a Social Security administrative law judge and show how the initial determination on your case was wrong.  Even then it is sometimes necessary to file an appeal with the Social Security Administration’s Appeals Council in Falls Church, VA.  As Tallahassee Social Security Disability lawyers, we are licensed if necessary to file suit in Federal District Court in Florida or Georgia.

Overall, we obtain benefits for about 75% of our clients.  There are some disability law firms in Tallahassee that claim to win a higher percentage of the cases they take.  This makes me wonder whether these law firms only take the “slam dunk” cases.  Do they not bother with people who are genuinely prevented from working by their condition, but whose cases may be more challenging?  We are proud to be social security lawyers in Tallahassee who are not afraid to take on a meritorious, yet challenging case.  These challenging cases are the ones of which we are most proud and the ones that better prepare us to handle difficult issues that present themselves in SSDI and SSI cases.

There are choices when searching for Tallahassee Disability Lawyers.  When in Doubt… call Liebenhaut.