As of April 2013, the average waiting time in Tallahassee for a social security disability appeals hearing is thirteen (13) months.  One of the most common questions concerning Social Security Disability Claims is how is an applicant able to speed up his or her claim and get a decision faster. The primary reason that cases are subject to delay is the lack of vital information and supplemental details pertaining to a case. Here are some tips to ensure that your claim isn’t delayed due to processing slowdowns.

1. Get a disability attorney to help you with your case as early in the process as possible, to ensure efficiency and accuracy on your part.

2. Submit new or additional information supporting your case to your representative or to the SSA office as soon as possible in order to present the SSA with the most recent and detailed picture of your situation.

3. Make sure to notify your disability attorney and SSA office of any mailing address or telephone changes to ensure that you receive any requests for additional information as fast as possible.

4. Attend your scheduled hearing. This may seem like common sense, but just remember that it is extremely difficult to reschedule these hearings, and missing your appointment will give the SSA a negative view of you and your case, not to mention push back a decision on your case several months or even years.

5. When submitting your medical information, make sure to include all of your treatment sources, even if you think that they aren’t crucial to your case. Make sure to give as much information as possible, such as dates of treatment, full names of doctors, names of facilities, addresses, and telephone numbers. Giving this information can help your case avoid lengthy processing delays.

6. Promptly send additional information requested by the SSA, even if you have already sent them this information


Tallahassee Disability Attorney Matt Liebenhaut

If you believe that you qualify for Social Security Disability or Supplemental Security Income based on a disability and your claim has been denied, or you simply need assistance with your application, please contact Tallahassee Disability Attorney Matt Liebenhaut. Our office serves Tallahassee and the surrounding areas of North Florida and South Georgia.


By: Matt Liebenhaut