Two-Hundred Thousand people have been approved on this fast track to social security disability benefits. Compassionate Allowances are critical health conditions and terminal illnesses. People with these very serious conditions and who are in need of immediate healthcare coverage may be approved in days for disability benefits, under the Compassionate Allowances program. The Compassionate Allowance program flags applications of people who have a listed condition and uses medical experts to expedite approval, requiring less up-front medical evidence.

Until January, 2014 there were 200 conditions that put someone on the fast track to disability benefits under the Compassionate Allowances program. This year, Social Security added 25 new conditions to the list, so there are now 225 conditions that qualify. The new conditions include 12 cancers, 6 genetic conditions, digestive conditions, skeletal conditions, immune conditions, and breathing conditions, among others.  If you live in Leon County or the surrounding areas and have a serious disability that you think may be on the list, talk to a social security disability attorney in Tallahassee, FL to help you through the process. Call Matt Liebenhaut at 850-270-6977 for a free case evaluation.

The Law Office of Matt Liebenhaut represents disabled workers at all stages of the social security disability (SSDI) and SSI processes.  Matt Liebenhaut also represents individuals have been wrongly denied benefits under a private or employer-sponsored long-term disability insurance policy.   If you have questions regarding your Social Security Disability application or appeal, please call us at 850-270-6977 for a free case evaluation.