I have written other articles on our blog discussing social security disability benefits available to children based on a minor child’s disability. But did you know children are also entitled to dependent benefits when their parent is qualified for Social Security disability insurance benefits?  These benefits are available under Title II of the Social Security Act. If you have earned the work credits to qualify for Social Security disability insurance, then your dependents, including adopted children, are entitled to benefits that generally equal 50% of your disability benefit amount. Of course this Social Security benefit decreases with the amount of dependent minor children.

People often visit my office in Tallahassee and ask whether they are required to pay child support if they have been found disabled. If you have a child support obligation, this dependent benefit can often be paid to the custodial parent of your children in lieu of court-ordered child support. It is important to understand dependent benefits are not available along with Supplemental Security Income. If you do not have the necessary work credits, your and her children will not be entitled to dependent benefits. If you have questions about applying for Social Security disability and receiving dependent benefits on behalf of your minor children, call our office today for a free case evaluation. Your information will be reviewed by a Tallahassee Social Security lawyer who will let you know what benefits may be available for you.

It is also important to apply for dependent benefits simultaneously with filing for social security disability benefits. Your ability to collect retroactive disability benefits can be dependent upon your date of application.

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