(But Call the Doctor Too)

Seeking medical treatment and having a treating physician is extremely important if you are in the process of applying for Social Security Disability. It can be hard to convince the judge or adjudicator that your illness or disability is serious if you aren’t being treated or seeing a physician and haven’t for several months. Disability examiners base their decision on medical records and doctor’s opinions of severity. If an expert deems your disability as a factor that will prevent you from working and writes that in your medical files, this credible source can help sway judges’ decisions in favor of the claimant. If you claim to be disabled but haven’t received any help, this can severely hurt your credibility and make Social Security question if you really are entitled to benefits.

If your symptoms and complaints match up with the doctor’s clinical evaluation, Social Security is much more likely to grant benefits. We know a common problem for disability clients in Tallahassee and the surrounding areas is lack of money to pay for these doctor visits. That is okay! There are plenty of low cost and even free clinics that will treat you. The Apalachee Wellness Integration Center, Bond Community Health Center, The Kay Freeman Health Center, and the Neighborhood Medical Center (located at the Lincoln Neighborhood Center) are all located in Tallahassee and can help patients in need at a low cost.  Additionally, the physicians of Tallahassee that make up the Capital Health Society formed the We Care Network, which gives people of modest means in our community access to specialists they would otherwise be unable to afford.

Sometimes if Social Security needs evidence regarding your claim, they will schedule you for a Consultative Exam. This free exam or testing provides a medical opinion in your file that can be evaluated by Social Security.  However, your own treating physician or other medical provider’s opinion is more often given more credence than the opinion of someone who only provides a consultative exam.  Therefore, if you are applying for disability and have no recent medical records, it is imperative for your case that you go now! There are many options for you to receive treatment and improve your chances at receiving benefits.

At Liebenhaut Law, we help people with various physical and mental disabilities throughout Tallahassee and the surrounding areas obtain the social security disability benefits (SSDI) and supplemental security income (SSI) they deserve.  If you or someone you love needs help, give us a call or click the tab above for an instant evaluation.  We serve all areas of North Florida and South Georgia including Tallahassee, Panama City, Marianna, Thomasville, Valdosta, Bainbridge, and Albany.

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